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Just Some Design Guy
I am a young Designer from Sydney, Australia. Architecture is my thing, but I'm also pretty passionate about graphic, web and industrial design. I have a large digital skillset covering CAD, 2D digital art, web design, video production and 3D modelling and rendering, as well as a lot of experience with digital manufacturing processes.
I Have completed a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Sydney and have been part of the team at Alphaplus Architecture for the past 5 years. My experience ranges from small residential and retail projects to large corporate developments. My love of architecture revolves around a unique nature of the industry; Architecture is one of the few creative disciplines requiring the integration of creative, artistic thinking with a mathematically engineered output. Architectural design is a far more challenging, yet rewarding field, compared to other design disciplines.
Web Design
As well as working in Architecture, I have worked part time for over a year focusing on web design and development for a Sydney design agency. In this role I was able to design, build and manage many website projects for a large range of clients in many industries. I can offer web design services on a freelance basis. The internet brings an interactive dimension to graphic design. Web design is another industry that requires the integration of art and science to work well. Unfortunately most web developers aren't designers, which is why the internet is often a very ugly place. My aim is to produce creative and attractive websites utilising innovative building processes.
Graphic design is integrated in all forms of media and is a necessary skill for any designer, in any field. Through my studies at uni, freelance work and employment at Lokal Design I have become a skilled graphic designer, working on a range of projects including brand design, print layout design, digital design, corporate stationary, etc. As well as graphic design I have previously studied a year of industrial design. This is a field closely tied to architecture. I am especially interested in new processes of manufacturing such as 3D printing and CNC milling. It is exciting to explore how these processes can contribute to and advance the way we design and construct.
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